Why TredA

Why TredA

Gaining expertise in marketing own brand products, production of private branded products and license production activities and making a difference in many areas in its industry, TreadA organizes all its operations in a disciplined and innovative way. It makes a difference with its expertise in depilation market while it meets international requirements. What makes TredA different is its elasticity and speed as well as being an expert in the work processes they perform.

Product Development
Marketing "Know-How" Support
Quality Assurance
Environment Policy
Supply Chain Management
R&D and Innovation
Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance
Production Profile

Product Development

  • Package design R&D
  • Project based special formula and package development
  • Project management tailored to the customer
  • Following local and global trends
  • Consultancy in product and package development
  • Archive of projects ready to sell
  • Developing special products for local market

Marketing "Know-How" Support

  • Continuously following the local and global trends
  • Personalized service in accordance with customer structure and needs.
  • Comprehensive consultancy to develop product range and design products
  • Consultancy and guidance to improve and develop current products

Quality Assurance

TredA owns quality certificates given by internationally accredited institutions.

ARV, the producer entity of TredA, carries out all processes and work flows from raw material supply to sales point in compliance with European Union and Japan norms and standards together with supervision, audit and certification of internationally accredited certification organizations.

In addition to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22716 GMP documents certificated by SGS, the quality partner based in France; the producer entity owns CE, FSC and HACCP documents. The entity also owns Quality Assurance and Microbiology Labs and Quality Assurance Unit. With its building in international standards, machine equipment track and quality management systems, ARV, has been periodically audited by international quality certification institutions, related ministries and by customers and the global market leader companies for which it develops and produces products and it has the highest ratings given by those institutions, among its industry.

Quality Documents:

  • ISO 22716 (GMPC): Cosmetics Production Good Practices
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • HACCP Non-Food, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certificate

and standards which ensures that threats to product safety are defined beforehand and controlled, are observed.

Environment Policy

  • To revise "environment management system" and "sourcing", ensuring their improvement through "total quality approach",
  • To contribute saving natural resources through procuring %100 of the resin from suppliers with "Forest Management" Certificate,
  • Carrying out activities in a way which minimizes its effect on environmental pollution
  • To minimize the waste from production and recycle them if possible, to dispose the waste in compliance with regulations without polluting the environment
  • To carry out activities in compliance with current legal provisions and regulations,
  • To improve the environment protection awareness and sensitiveness of employees.
  • To follow related standards regarding forestry products with FSC FOREST Stewardship Council Certificate.

Supply Chain Management

Supplying the required amount of raw material, equipment and service from suitable and safe resources, is an important part of TredA's quality approach. TredA, periodically audits all its suppliers, chooses all its raw materials, semi-products and package materials from certificated suppliers and products having related quality documents.

  • Stock management, reliable and elastic demand planning.
  • Current platforms all around the world and logistical services in order to develop operations to meet the needs of customers.
  • Deliveries in flow-through systems with big international retail chains.

R&D and Innovation

License production:
R&D studies of TredA are based on innovation and it certifies these studies with international licenses it gathers. It is an important player in global market in terms of innovation in its field.

TredA is not just an OEM or a company which "manufactures on contract". Its biggest passion is to challenge the status quo with its innovative and revolutionary character. It has R&D, product development and marketing teams. It periodically gets opinions of end user and field regarding the products and categories. It meets the expectations of the end user based on these opinions. It develops products and production methods to ease consumers' life. It challenges with "Re-write the rules, if you can't change them" instead of the motto "Follow the leader". Providing satisfying solutions for consumers, TreadA is a company which owns the highest number of licenses and utility models in its industry. It expands every market it enters with innovative products.

For TredA which focuses on producing products which add value to human life in its field, innovation and proactivity is not a strategy to enter a market but a way of life.

  • Stock management, reliable and elastic demand planning.
  • Internal microbiology and quality control labs
  • Internal R&D team
  • Collaboration with external private lab
  • Formula archive
  • Innovations which change the rules
  • Innovation in package
  • Appropriateness to local markets
  • Stability analysis
  • Comparison analysis

Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Treda products provides full compliance to legal requirements of Turkish Republic and European Union Regulations.

  • External conformity tests by accredited laboratories
  • Dermatological and clinical activity tests
  • Internal product safety evaluation team are available.

Production Profile

wax reactor production, solid and fluid wax, solutions, balms, oils, gels, injection moldings, powered heating devices, wipes.

Jar, can and plastic package filling, wax strips, tubes, bottles and sachets.

Boxing, display stands, self service stands, packing, palletizing.